Winter Sunset on Dorr

IMG_0478 2 Winter running rules apply: if on a North Ridge, only run up it, because if you head down a north ridge, you will be whipped by the wind. Today's wind was about 30 mph, so going up Dorr's North Ridge I had a tailwind. The moon was up when I left the Nature Center, and I knew I'd have a 360° purple horizon when I reached the top, so I had plenty of incentive to get up there ASAP. The east face (Schiff and Emery Paths) was complete ice under the snow, but I had my Hillsound running crampons on and I was poling along, so I had no slips. I saw someone approach my SUV with a flashlight when I was up above The Tarn on Dorr. Earlier today a group of four dirtbags had been following me from my restaurant to my house, but maybe I'm just paranoid. Probably. That still doesn't mean no one is following me. But that's another story. The footing on the descent was better than expected. My hands froze on the way up, but by the time I got back to the Nature Center, they were nice and toasty. I successfully avoided most of the wind for the second day in a row. Too bad I didn't adhere to my own rules Sunday, but the descent down Cadillac was fun even to the north! dorr pretty colors

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