Taking it for granite, Pink Granite.

only in Maine

Bright pink Hall Quarry granite

The MDI Historical Society has all kinds of pictures that you can sift through online now like this one of Hall Quarry in operation. There are so few places on Earth where we can see snow on pink granite; France, China, Brazil (probably no snow there) and Downeast Maine, especially on the long gradual south ridges of MDI's mountains and in our carved steps throughout the park. I did a lot of growing up down south (Pemaquid) and there's lots of beautiful granite and mica but not this pink. This pink (high concentrations of potassium feldspar) is what keeps MDI colorful even in the winter and is definitely what makes this region so remarkable. This b&w print is does a great job showing the elements of effort needed to get and move the granite (really friggin' heavy). It's kind of a mess in the picture but nevertheless a really beautiful building block in the foundation of this entire island and integral pieces of so many homes.
Used with permission from the MDI Historical Society

Hall Quarry, quarry in operation. Looking across Somes Sound. Men working on granite, horses pulling granite. Pieces of granite scattered about. Rail for tram runs through center of photo. Various buildings in the middle ground. Derricks in the foreground. Picture stained, water damage.

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