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copy-JR_logo.11.jpgJack Russell's Steakhouse and Brewery

"The Place For Steak" with microbrewed beer made on-site, Jack Russell's Steakhouse and Brewery can take you from happy hour to a romantic dinner or a group function. A year round option, there is outdoor seating available in the summer and prix fix specials during special occasions like Valentine's Day. In addition to their beautifully marbled Prime Steaks, they always have seafood & vegetarian dishes and specialty cocktails. Jack Russell's Steakhouse and Brewery is perfect for the whole family.

Bar Harbor Publications

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Acadia's Hiking Guide

Bar Harbor Publications has been producing locally made maps and books for over ten years. Originally publishing 'A Walk In The Park', Bar Harbor Publications has produced other information guides useful to both locals and visitors to Acadia National Park. (Fun Fact: 'Trails of History' is the most stolen book from Jesup Memorial Library!) The depth of information in these guidebooks and maps, from descriptions of terrain to lost bits of local history, make them not only great references but also great gifts.

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