Welcome to Jack Russell’s

Welcome to Jack Russell's! Our site is a bit primitive at the moment, but keep coming back and I promise you'll get more. Tom & Nina JR Dog painting yellow

3 Responses to “Welcome to Jack Russell’s

  • Tom Newton
    3 years ago

    I dined with my wife their tonight and I loved the house chardonnay. Was that salmon creek winery?

    • barharbor365
      3 years ago

      Hi Tom!
      Thanks for coming in. Yes, we have that on the wine list and often use it as out house wine. There is a higher end one called Cakebread that we use as well.
      Cheers! Nina

  • John connors
    2 years ago

    Our family dined here tonight and it was perfect. The steaks were cooked absolutely perfect. Every aspect was great. Nice relaxed atmosphere great food and the staff was great. Our waiter was very professional and did a fantastic job. I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a great place to eat. Best steaks on the island!

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