Fandango: The Key to the Wind: Part 1

I totally crashed Jeff Stockwell's breakfast at Cafe This Way.

I totally crashed Jeff Stockwell's breakfast at Cafe This Way.

Just when you think that you are pretty knowledgeable on a subject, you discover something that enables you to go deeper into your area of expertise. A regular customer at Jack Russell's asked Tom if he had ever heard of the book Fandango, The Key to the Wind (sold on Amazon and locally at the Town Hill Market). She explained that it was a riddle about Mount Desert Island that, when solved, enables you to find a key to a treasure valued at over $10,000. Tom, recognizing the opportunity, traded a new copy of A Walk in the Park (also sold at Sherman's and the Hannaford) for her in-hand copy of Fandango. Since then, 4 weeks ago, we've slept nary a wink and our conversations are all geared around finding the treasure. We are creatures obsessed, and as it turns out, there are many others. You can see their good and bad ideas here in this chat forum on So where have we been so far on this quest? Just about everywhere. We've been to Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Cadillac Mountain, The Bubbles, Jordan Pond, Otter Creek, the Jesup Library, Somes Sound, the Historical Society, churches, carriage trails, hiking trails and it's making us re-read Tom's Trails of History, Gladys O'Neil's Lost Bar Harbor, Ann Roberts' Mr.Rockefeller's Roads, and Loretta Turner's When Bar Harbor was Eden. Our house looks like FBI headquarters with dirty clothes and dishes. We've got historic, topographical, and nautical maps going too. What's fun about this book is our reintroduction to MDI, making it a little more magical than it already was, and encouraging us to keep exploring this little island of ours. I heard on good word that Jeff Stockwell, the writer of Fandango, was going to be at Cafe This Way last week and I suddenly became more brazen than I have ever been. I went there and totally interrupted his family breakfast, to gush about how grateful I was to be on this journey that he provided. I got a picture and left before I became a total nuisance. He was super nice and didn't even give me a hint as to where I might find the treasure.

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  • tara suel
    2 years ago

    are y’all still at it? Something that you may have already listened to that i found interesting:

    Also, something that struck me: if you decode the 4×4 squares, it says “c masquerade” Im sure y’all have discovered that. But if you read HOW masquerade was solved, it was a color sequence solution.
    I think we have a color sequence situation here. The colors on the cover of the book is green, red, then yellow.
    Taking the “last in line” (last letter) of each word on the frames of the outer green comes up with an anagram that says “next yellow seered” (see red, next yellow?)

    Going from the outer GREEN border to the inner RED-YELLOW border gives us the following last letters: DNAY HSEK KEST ESEE
    This is an anagram of STEED KNEE HAS KEY
    A horse’s knee is also known as a cannon.

    Im convinced theres a solution to solve the “master riddle” using a color sequence.

    Just wanted to encourage y’all. We are still working at it!! 🙂

    • barharbor365
      2 years ago

      Hi Tara, Thanks for that link.
      Haha, I love this. I’m sure, or I was until I read this, that the riddle can be solved with geometric triangulation and celestial navigation. Those fairies are telling us something, I’m sure.
      We’ll Follow that Fox together!

  • So Part 2? Did you find the treasure? I just heard about this hunt and can’t believe it’s been going on for 8 years without a solve!!

    • barharbor365
      2 years ago

      Hi Abby, We haven’t found it yet. Still looking. Nina

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